Pipiwai Trail Hike – A Great Hike Off The Hana Highway On Maui

On the windward side of Maui, in an area called Hana Highway, there is a hike that is known as the Pipiwai Trail hike. This is a very short hike, one that is out and back. There is only an elevation gain of about 1600 feet and you will travel only 3.5 miles round-trip. The hike is well worth it because of the beautiful scenery, and the reward at the end which is the well-known Waimoku Falls. If you haven’t done this hike, it is one that you will want to do again once it is over. Here is a quick overview of the Pipiwai Trail hike.

Pipiwai Trail Hike

This begins right off of the Hana Highway. This is one of the most scenic areas on the entire island. It has an estimated 620 curves which is scary enough, but there are 59 one-way bridges that make the drive very exciting. There is a giant Banyan tree, bamboo forest, and the incredible Waimoku Falls which is actually one of the few waterfalls that looks just as impressive in pictures as it does in person. Although some would disagree, it certainly looks motivating, prompting many people to fly to Maui just to do this hike.

Other Things You Will See On The Trail

There are a few other things you can you on the hike which will include looking at the Makahiku Overlook. Make sure to bring plenty of water because even though it is only a two hour hike, you might find yourself spending a lot of time because it is so beautiful. Once you have done this, you will certainly want to return and do the Pipiwai Trail hike, one of the best that Maui has to offer. It is highly recommended that you go in the morning, have lunch, and come back so you can spend the rest of your day going up Hana Highway.