Honokaa Town – Hidden Treasure On The Hamakua Coast

On all of the Hawaiian Islands, you will be able to find little towns that are scattered in many locations. On the Big Island of Hawaii, there are a multitude of small communities, and one of the most unique and beautiful is Honokaa Town. Like most of the small towns that you will visit, they are well aware of the incredible numbers of tourists that will be coming into their region. Honokaa has many cute shops, restaurants, and places where you can take pictures of this tiny town in the midst of the Waipio Valley.


There are many things that you will find when you arrive at this gateway to the Waipio Valley. The historic Honokaa People’s Theatre is a popular attraction, along with and antique store and local boutiques that have charming gifts that you will want to purchase. Taro Gifts is a place that many people go to get authentic Hawaiian goods. You can pick out several souvenirs that you can bring with you to share with friends and family members. You can also get a great meal that Tex Drive In that serves some of the best Portuguese doughnuts that you will ever eat.

Things To Do Outside Of Honokaa

Once you have taken a break in Honokaa, you can head out to take one of the many tours of the Waipio Valley. Less than 10 miles away is the well-known Waipio Valley Lookout which will give you a beautiful view of towering cliffs that descend 5 miles below. This area is one that is known as the Valley of the Kings, a place where the kings of Hawaii once visited. There were once thousands of Hawaiians that lived there, but now only a small number remain, specifically in the surrounding towns like Honokaa.