Akaka Falls State Park – Beautiful Waterfalls And More

One of the most impressive destinations in the Hilo region of Hawaii is called Akaka Falls State Park. You might miss the turnoff as you are driving by, so if you are heading north, be sure to keep looking to your left. It is about 3 1/2 miles from Homomu once you get to the end of the road. The falls are impressive, and there is more than just that one waterfall to see. Here is a quick overview of Akaka Falls State Park and the many beautiful things that you will experience while you are there.

Akaka Falls State Park

Akaka Falls State Park has a very nice parking area. You will see the trail descending into the park to the left. It is a beautiful trail, and depending upon the direction you decide to go in first, you may run into the Kahuna Falls, a 100 foot waterfall first. This is the direction that most people go because they would prefer seeing Akaka Falls last. This is over 440 feet tall, falling down a beautiful stream eroded gorge, and is more than likely the most famous of all of the Hawaiian waterfalls on the Big Island.

What Else We You See While You Are There?

Several of the things that you will see while you are there are enormous trees. This extends throughout the entire park. It is a lush rain forest, one that has not only trees, but draping ferns, bamboo groves, and wild orchids in all directions. You may simply want to hang out because of how incredible all of this is, but you cannot help but hear the waterfalls. Once you are done, you will be glad that you took the time to drive down the road to arrive at this State Park.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Akaka Falls?

What is unique about the Hilo side of the Big Island is that you really have no guarantee that it’s not going to be raining. You can increase your odds of having clear days to experience this beautiful park if you travel during the summer. Even if you do get caught in a rain shower, it’s just going to enhance the beauty of the area. It’s a lovely place, one that you should certainly visit, a mere 16 1/2 miles from Hilo, or about a 30 minute drive.