Akaka Falls Loop – A Scenic Hike With Waterfalls To Enjoy

If you have traveled to the eastern side of the Big Island, you have likely heard of Akaka Falls. When people hear about this, they are primarily thinking about the waterfalls that are there, but they don’t realize that it’s actually a very nice easy hike that is filled with absolutely astounding foliage called the Akaka Falls Loop. Although it is only half a mile, and heavily trafficked by tourists, you could spend half a day just walking around. It really is that beautiful and here is what you can expect to experience aside from the beautiful waterfalls that are there at the Akaka Falls Loop.

Akaka Falls Loop

This is what they call a self-guided hike, as well as a self-guided tour. You are going to be walking through beautiful tropical vegetation, and you will see incredible scenic points, one of which will include Akaka Falls which is over 440 feet high. The trailhead itself is adjacent to the parking lot which is actually very large. You cannot miss the entrance, and as you descend into this area where you will access both Akaka Falls and Kahuna Falls, you will be amazed at how beautiful it looks.

Which Direction Should You Go?

The direction you should go will depend upon how you would like to experience this short hike. If you are only going to see Akaka Falls, then simply turn left and you will be taken directly there. On the other hand, if you want to see the much smaller Kahuna Falls, you should go to the right and this is going to provide you with the best hiking experience. Although the grade of the hike is minimal, and it is a very short loop hike, you will definitely enjoy the Akaka Falls Loop.