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Welcome To Where To Go In Hawaii, our website on the best places to see in the Hawaiian Islands. This was initially a website documenting the vacation on the Big Island of Hawaii that my daughters and I took a few years ago. Since that time, we have added more information on places to visit on all of the islands. Click here to follow along with us on our trip. You can also scroll down to learn about each of the Hawaiian Islands. And finally, you can use the category links to the side to find great places to do hiking, see waterfalls, go snorkling and much more. Thanks for visiting our website. Mahalo and enjoy!

Where To Go In Hawaii

If you plan on visiting the Hawaiian islands this year, you should know that there are six major islands that you can visit. Some of them are more popular than the others, each for their own reasons. These islands include the Big Island of Hawaii, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai and Lanai. Each of these islands is accessible, containing beautiful unique areas that will make your vacation very special. Here is a quick overview of these different islands and what you can expect once you arrive on each of them.

The Big Island Of Hawaii

TheĀ Big Island Of Hawaii is the largest island in the Hawaiian chain. It is also the southernmost island, one that is known for its active volcano. It has many diverse climates, allowing you to drive to the top of the Maunakea Summit to potentially see snow amidst the observatories, and then you can drive down to the west shore on the beach to watch the sunset. There are tropical rain forests, cloud forests, and even prairies and meadows. Some of the best waterfalls in the world are on this island.


The island of Oahu is the island that has the international airport. People that travel here will land at this airport and take enter island flights to all of the others. This is the island where Hawaii 50 brought fame to the Hawaiian Islands back in the 60s and 70s, and is where the famous Waikiki Beach is located. You can take tours of Diamond Head and the World War II memorials.


Kauai is known as the Garden Island, it has some of the most beautiful coastlines that you will ever see in the world. It has sprawling mountain ranges with jagged cliffs, and beautiful tropical forests, clearly showing why it has been given this name. The smaller than many of the others, it has quite a bit to offer, allowing anyone staying a week or two to have a lot of fun on this oldest of all of the Hawaiian Islands.


Maui is the second largest island in the Hawaiian chain and considered by many to be the best. Although it is not as large as the Big Island, it has plenty of activities. You can ride a bike down from the top of an extinct volcano, looking at the sunset as you coast down. There are beautiful beaches, and if you have ever wanted to see humpback whales migrating, this is the island that you will want to visit during the winter months.


Molokai is the fifth largest island in the Hawaiian chain, measuring only 38 miles long. It is also just 10 miles wide. It has the highest sea cliffs in the world, and has a very high percentage of native Hawaiians that populate this island with white sand beaches.


Lanai is located just 9 miles from Maui, this small 9 mile long island has luxury resorts and championship golf. It has a very small community, but it offers beautiful scenery in all directions, and is perfect for people that would like to have a more secluded Hawaiian vacation.

Now let’s look at each of these islands in detail, followed by the many activities and locations that you will be able to experience on each of these Hawaiian islands on your next vacation.