Best Waterfalls In Oahu Hawaii – 2 You Should Visit

When you land on Oahu, most people are thinking about Waikiki Beach, or taking tours of the World War II memorials. However, this island is also known for having some of the best waterfalls in all of the Hawaiian Islands. Like the other islands, one side of the island is going to have far more waterfalls. This would be the east side. This is because all of the rain typically falls on this side of the island, and here are two of the best waterfalls in Oahu Hawaii that you need to see before you leave.

Best Waterfalls In Oahu Hawaii

Manoa Falls it is one of the first that you should visit, one that has very good reviews online. You will notice that those that have gone there have stated that you definitely need to wear athletic shoes or boots. It is a very scenic waterfall, one that is at the end of a trail through a rain forest. You will definitely be happy with what you see. One other waterfall that you should visit is down in unmarked trail through a bamboo forest that will lead you to one of the nicer waterfalls on the island.

Lulumahu Falls

As you drive out on Pali Hwy, you are going to have to find your way there. It’s actually on private property. The waterfall is close to where King Kamehameha III was thought to have his summer home. One of the reasons that this waterfall is so great is that it’s unmarked, hard to find, and well worth the hike in. You can find maps that will lead you there. There are also websites that show you step-by-step how you can get to this location.

There are several other waterfalls that you can visit while you are on Oahu. If you just get to visit these two, you will enjoy your travels. Make sure to visit all of the others, and once you have seen them all, you can move on to one of the other islands. Check out these best waterfalls in Oahu Hawaii the next time you get to take a Hawaiian vacation.