Black Rock Beach In Lahaina Hawaii On Maui

Black Rock Beach is also called Kaanapali Beach. It is called the Black Rock because it is an outcropping the lava. It is located on the Maui Sheraton property. It is a wonderful place to do snorkeling, and while you were under the water, you will likely see Cardinal fish, parrot fish, and an assortment of Humuhumunukunukuapua. Here is what you will experience when you go to this wonderful location near the Sheraton Maui resort and spa.

Black Rock Beach

Black Rock Beach has all sorts of activities happening all the time. For example, there Sheraton will have people that will climb up on top of the rock, and with a torch, they will then throw the torch in and dive after it at night. The reason that they do this is to commemorate ancient beliefs on how spirits would literally jump off of that particular rock and would leave the world.

Is It A Safe Place To Go?

This is a year-round trail, and it is moderately trafficked. You will see people going up and down the trail all the time. There is no elevation gain, and since it is so short, there is very little that can happen to you going in are coming out of the area. The only possibility is that someone could climb up on the rock and try to do something like the divers, and that is certainly not recommended. If you do get to go to the Black Rock Beach, you will be astounded by not only its general appearance, but also by those performances that you may be lucky enough to see one day.