Day 6 – Coffee Plantation Tour And Luau

On Day 6 of our trip to Hawaii, we decided to do something a little different. We had been traveling quite a bit the first few days, putting over 700 miles on the rental car. On Day 5, we spent most of the day in the water at Hapuna Beach and Kahaluʻu Beach Park. Between all of the driving, hiking, and snorkeling, we were very tired. We decided to relax and do something fun, but nothing that would require us to physically exert ourselves. We also wanted to do something that was close by. We decided that, since we were on the Big Island, and we were fans of Kona coffee, that we would find a coffee plantation that would give us a tour. We also wanted to experience something extremely authentic that everyone associates with the Hawaiian Islands. We decided to conclude our day with a luau.

Coffee Plantations On The Big Island

Although there were many to choose from, we just decided to drive up into the more mountainous areas up above Kailua. We were told that there were several Kona coffee tours to choose from. It was nice driving around at the higher elevations.

It was definitely cooler up above. The combination of the higher altitude, and the canopy provided by the trees, because the temperature to drop by about 10°. We were traveling around in an area that they called the cloud forest. A cloud forest is a region that is around the 2000 foot elevation level or higher, and is perpetually shrouded in a layer of fog. As a result of that, there is less light that comes through to the leaves of the plants, and it is extremely humid despite being cooler. These are the perfect conditions for the growth of Kona coffee, and along with the rich soil, this is why this type of coffee is of such high quality.

Driving up to this higher elevation, we started looking for a coffee plantation that would give us a tour of their operations. We found that at a place called Kona Blue Sky Coffee.

The people there were very nice. They gave a free 15 minute tour, walking us through the entire process that the coffee beans went through.

We also got to try samples of the different types of coffee that they made and purchased coffee beans to bring home. It was a beautiful location, and they had many gifts inside catering to those that enjoy a good cup of Java.

Our Luau

The luau that we went to was very memorable, something that we still think about even today.

The food was very good, which included a roasted pig which we watched them prepare, plus many other Hawaiian dishes including poi.

There was also an authentic Hawaiian performance complete with both men and women that were dancing and performing up on stage. The most memorable part was when five of the men replicated a dance that originated from the Samoan islands.

It was a very powerful performance. The movements and sounds that they made on stage were almost primal. The Hawaiian hula girls were also very nice, and they both performed individually and with the men and women performing at the same time. They even told a story of how the Hawaiians originated from islands such as Tahiti, Samoa, and other islands in that region of the world northeast of New Zealand. Overall, it was a night of great food, fantastic entertainment, and an educational experience as well.

This concluded our sixth day on the Big Island Of Hawaii. We would be leaving the next day. However, it was a very memorable experience, one that both my girls and I will always remember because we did this together. Hopefully we will be able to return to the Hawaiian Islands, perhaps exploring some of the other islands such as Kauai, MauiOahu, Molokai or Lanai him. It is a beautiful place, a location that everyone should see at least once, and is quite literally paradise on earth. The next day, Day 7, we got ready to head home to California…