Downtown Hilo – Many Activities That You Can Do

If you flying into Hawaii, and you are landing on the Big Island, you have a couple of choices. You can go to the Kona on the west side, or you can land in Hilo. For those that prefer seeing a substantial number of waterfalls, and amazing rainforests, you will definitely want to see this destination. There are also many activities that you can do in Downtown Hilo that you will certainly enjoy while you are there. Let’s go over some of the basics of the city of Hilo, and then talk about the activities that you can do.

What You Should Know About Hilo

The city of Hilo is roughly 3 times bigger than Kailua Kona on the other side of the island. It is the home of the University of Hawaii Hilo, and it is a location which is going to receive a significant amount of rain. As a result of that, you have constant waterfalls that are flowing, rivers, streams, and some of the best options when it comes to the fruit available at the Farmers Market. You can also learn a little bit about the history such as the background on the historic buildings, and what happened during the tsunami.

What Can You Do In Downtown Hilo?

One of the largest attractions is Rainbow Falls which is a beautiful waterfall, one that is very close to the public library. You may want to visit the library because outfront is a large 3 ton igneous rock, thought to be the legendary Naha Stone, the one that King Kamehameha flipped when he was a teenager, clearly showing that he was to fulfill the prophecy of uniting the Hawaiian Islands. There are also many restaurants that you can eat at, and a multitude of other places that will introduce you to Hawaiian lifestyle and cuisine. A trip over to the Lyman Mission House & Museum will tell you all about how the missionaries arrived back in the 1800s, and you can learn even more about the history and culture of the Hawaiians at the Mokupapapa Discovery Center.

What Time Of The Year Should You Visit?

One thing you should know about this area of the Big Island is that it tends to receive a lot of rain. If you travel during the winter, it’s going to be warm, but there is a high probability that you will have stretches of days or even weeks where there is going to be significant precipitation. However, if you travel during the summer months, you will have primarily good weather, allowing you to go to places like Volcano Village, the Puna District, and also the Hāmākua coast. Definitely consider visiting during the spring and summer months if you want to do a lot of outdoor activities.

Even though this side of the island may have more precipitation, it is well worth visiting. The incredible waterfalls in all directions, and the zipline rides that are available, will make it worth the entire trip. You can also visit national parks, and do snorkeling, all of the things that you have heard about when you visit Hawaii. Hilo is a beautiful area, and with all of the activities in Downtown Hilo, you will definitely enjoy your trip.