Haiku Stairs Hike On Oahu – Now Closed Plus Alternative Route To The Top

Attention: the Haiku Stairs Hike is now closed due to a substantial storm back in 2015 on Oahu that cause damage to the stairs. You could be fined up to $1000, as well as other penalties, just for being on the stairs themselves. It is closed until they have been able to make renovations, but it is worth noting the hike itself. There is an alternative route that will get you to the top that is legal. Here is an overview of what people used to be able to see when they took the Haiku Stairs Hike.

Haiku Stairs Hike

Before was closed down, it was literally regarded by locals as the Stairway to Heaven. One of the reasons for this designation was that you were actually able to go up about 3000 feet on this out and back trail. It was a total of just 2.4 miles, but because of the elevation gain, it provided an incredible view. There were stairways that led to the top where you could see for miles in all directions. There is a way to legally get to the top which is through what is called the Moana Valley Trail which we will discuss in the next post.

What To Expect During The Hike

You will notice people talking about how they still reach the top, usually through the other trail. It is recommended that you do not go through any neighborhoods, and although no one has reported any injuries or deaths on the trail, you still need to be mindful. As you will see in the video up above, it is an astounding view, probably the best on the island of Oahu Hawaii. Consider traveling up there with someone that is from a local neighborhood, or on the island, that you know. It is well worth the long hike if you can get up to the top of the Haiku Stairs Hike.