Halemauu Haleakala Overlook Trail Overview

The Halemauu Haleakala Overlook Trail is located right off the side of Crater Road. It is a short out and back trail that goes a little over 2 miles. It is because it is such a short hike that the elevation gain of the thousand feet is quite extensive. You will need the right shoes. You are literally at the top of the island of Maui, and you will get a view of the Haleakala crater and wilderness. This is different from the Halemauu Trail which will last over 11 miles. You can think of this as a shortcut to achieve a similar result.

Halemauu Haleakala Overlook Trail

You are going to head up above the Kahikinui Forest Reserve. At the top, you may also have a view of the Koolau Forest Reserve if you are facing Northeast. It’s a beautiful area, showcasing the wildlife and plant life that will be all around you. It is primarily done for hiking, as there are no waterfalls or unique attractions once you get to the top.

Recommendations For The Hike

The only recommendation for this hike is to make sure you have water in very good shoes. Many people mention that, especially early in the morning, it is quite misty. This is because you are toward the top of the island where an extensive amount of rainfall has come down. Try not to go up right after a rainstorm as the entire way may be money. If you do get a chance to go to the Halemauu Haleakala Overlook Trail, it will take you about three hours to complete the hike if you go at a slow pace.