Hanakapi’ai Falls Trail – A Hike Near Near Hanalei Hawaii

Hanakapi’ai Falls Trail it is one of the nicer trails on the island of Kauai. It is similar to the Na Pali Coast or Kalalau Trail hike, but much shorter. You are going to travel a distance of just under 7 miles. The first couple miles is not that bad as you go to Hanakapiai Beach. It will then become a little more strenuous. You are going to hike another 2 miles all the way up to the waterfall. You need to be careful as you are moving along on the Hanakapi’ai Falls Trail because of how muddy it can be due to the rain.

Hanakapi’ai Falls Trail

As you are walking through this rain forest, and you are looking at the coast of northern Kauai, you will see why many people have filmed big-budget movies that locations like this. You literally will feel as if you are a step back into time millions of years, back when the dinosaurs were here and you have somehow originated at that location. It is a rugged trail, so you should bring water and food with you. Although it is only about 4 miles, two of those miles are going to be very difficult. The waterfall will make it worthwhile, and you will probably spend an hour or so resting and watching the beautiful scenery. You will then head back which will be much easier heading down the trail to the beach.

What Time Of Year Should You Go?

Although this is more on the leeward side of the island, it still receives a considerable amount of rain. Kauai is one of the wettest islands, but it also provide you with some of the most lush scenery that you will ever see. It is this combination of being able to hike into this jungle like atmosphere, and also see beautiful ocean coastlines from up high that make it worthwhile. Although it is only a total of 6.9 miles, there is a lot packed into the Hanakapi’ai Falls Trail hike.