Hanakpai Falls Trail Hike- 7 Mile Hike On North Kauai

The Hanakpai Falls trail hike is a sizable hike that you can do on the northern island of Kauai. You are going to travel up into an area called Hanalei, Hawaii, after which you will find the trailhead which will take you into areas where you can see beautiful scenery in the waterfall. As with most Hawaiian hikes, they are available year-round. Hawaii is one of those unique places in the world where it is perpetually warm. There are quite a few people that do this hike, and if you have never done this one before, you will be excited the entire time you are on the Hanakpai Falls trail hike.

Hanakpai Falls Trail Hike

This hike is relatively moderate the first couple miles. You need to make your way to Hanakapiai Beach. Once you get there, this is where the strenuous part of the hike begins. You are going to head up a couple miles, finally getting to the waterfall. This is an out and back hike, with a total of about 7 miles, making it 3 1/2 miles going in and out. The way down can be a bit slippery and muddy, so you need to be careful as you are heading back down.

Why You Should Do This Hike

There are just so many places on Kauai that are wonderful to see. Many of the top grossing movies such as Jurassic Park, and even Raiders of the Lost Ark, have been filmed here. Hanakpai Falls trail hike is one that you should do if you have a free morning, and you can do this in the afternoon and make it back by dark. As with any hike that you do when you are in Hawaii, if there has been a rainstorm, just make sure that you are wearing proper shoes, preferably boots, as this will prevent you from slipping and falling. This may become one of your favorite hikes, especially once you reach the waterfall at the top.