Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens – Why You Need To Stop Here

There is an outstanding botanical garden located on the windward side of the Island of Hawaii. It is called Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens. It is about 18 miles from Hilo going north on Highway 19. There will be mile markers that you can follow on your way there. It is a beautiful destination, one of the most popular for tourists that go to the east side of the Big Island because of how much rain it receives. It is this water and the claimant that makes it possible for places like Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens to exist, and there are many things that you will see once you are there.

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens

Located at Onomea Bay, it is a literal Museum for people that love tropical plants. It is a place that botanists, people that love Gardens, and generally anyone will absolutely enjoy. It is positioned on a 40 acre parcel of land, a place where they have created a natural greenhouse that is fertile with volcanic soil. You can walk through this area which contains a real tropical rain forest, waterfalls, ocean vistas, and bubbling streams that you will always remember.

Consider Visiting This Destination

Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens is a location that you should certainly bring your significant other to, as well as your family if you are traveling with the group. It is a place that is very rare, one that combines the best of the most beautiful plants in the world, within the context of a tropical rainforest. Over 2000 species of plants are there, cleverly crafted into this natural garden setting. It is definitely representative of the windward side of the Big Island, a place that is very much like a giant garden itself.