Hilo – The Northeast Side Of The Big Island

On the island of Hawaii, the largest of the islands in the Hawaiian chain, is a section called Hilo. It is divided up into North and South sections, each of which has unique and fun filled activities. This is the area that many people travel to to see that side of Hawaii that has the most amazing waterfalls, gardens, and rain forests. Even though you can see these on the west side of the island, there is nothing quite like the incredible foliage and tropical settings that are in Hilo.


There are several places that you can go. The city of Hilo is located right on the coast, built adjacent to a day that was once the place of a large tsunami. Downtown Hilo is where the county government operates, and there are restaurants, shops, galleries, and museums that you can visit. It is a laid-back atmosphere, one that has parks with beautiful statues, including one of King Kamehameha. You can learn about the past, how the Hawaiians once were, and how Hawaii became part of the United States of America.

Things To Do And See In Hilo

One of the most unique views from this side of the island is that you can see all three of the tallest mountains from this vantage point. This includes Maunakea, where the observatories are, Maunaloa and Hulalalai. They also have a farmers market which you can enjoy, something that can also be found on the west side of the island, but it may have many different fruits and vegetables that you can try. One of the top attractions is The Liliuokalani Gardens with fish ponds, pagodas, rock gardens, some of which are modeled after a distinct Japanese-style. Close by is Peepee Falls, and if you head into the center of Hilo the city, you can see Rainbow Falls, and 80 foot dual waterfall that the natives call Waianuenue.

Start Planning Your Trip To Hilo

You can start searching for things to do in Hilo Hawaii on the web, and you will likely need to spend several weeks if you want to try out everything. You can look for Hilo Hawaii beaches, hotels, and also see a map to get an overview of this beautiful location. It’s also the location of the University of Hawaii, and the weather is very distinctive from the west side, receiving the vast majority of rain on the island. Despite that, you are going to have clear days where you can experience all of the wonders of Hilo, what many people call the tropical side of the Big Island.