Hualalai Volcano On The Big Island Of Hawaii

There is a volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii called Hualalai. It is located on the west side of this island. It is one of the five shield volcanoes that the Big Island has, and is also active to some degree. It has not erupted since the 1800s, but it is believed that it could erupt at any time. Hawaiian royalty based many of their homes around this volcano and there are several nature reserves that are located toward the top of the summit. People that visit Hawaii often hike to the top, often tourists that are staying at local vacation resorts. The Hualalai volcano is very close to the popular resort town of Kailua Kona, dwarfed incised by Mauna Loa that is in the background.

Hualalai Volcano

There are many scientists that have actually descended into lava conduits of this volcano. You may not even notice it as you are driving up the coast toward Kohala if you are on the west side of the island. However, there are many places to go in the surrounding area, and you may want to like to the top like many people do every year. It is safe to go up. Very little earthquake activity has been detected in decades, and although there was a slight eruption back in 1929, nothing as large as the one from the 1800s. A swarm of earthquakes is thought to have caused this most recent magma flow, but it is not expected to erupt for 100 years or more.

Visit The Hualalai Volcano When You Go To Hawaii

On your next trip to Hawaii, if you are staying on the West Coast, you should consider climbing to the top. Hualalai will provide you with a beautiful view, and although it is not as tall as Mauna Kea, it still gives you an incredible view of the West coast of the Big Island of Hawaii and incredible sunset that you will definitely remember.