Jaggar Museum – Near Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

When you traveled to the south portion of the big island of Hawaii, and you are heading toward Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, you will pass by Jaggar Museum. This is a beautiful Museum with exhibits, gift shop, and it is very close to the Kilauea Overlook right off of Crater Rim Drive. It will provide you with some insight into the park, the Kilauea volcano, and the origins of the Big Island itself. It’s a great place to either start your journey around the park, or if you travel clockwise around Crater Rim Drive, it might be one of the last places that you see on your way out. This is what you will find when you get to Jaggar Museum in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Jaggar Museum

This is a really neat place because you can see many different types of lava. They have unique names such as a volcanic bomb, A’s lava and Pele’s Tears. They are simply different ways that the lava or magma was ejected out, and solidified onto the ground. One of the more unique aspects type of lava is Pahoehoe Lava which has solidified almost completely flat. There are also maps that you can see, and they will direct you on where to see the lava flowing from a safe vantage point.

What To Do After The Museum To her

Once you have left Jaggar Museum, you will probably head over to the Kilauea Overlook. It is a great way to see the Kilauea crater, and you will likely see steam coming up from the volcano, and perhaps some flowing lava. It’s not that far from the Kilauea Visitor Center which is where most people start. That’s why this is likely the last building or structure that you will see as you are departing. If you do everything that is at the park, you can be there all day, especially if you take advantage of the hikes and the lava tube that you can go through.