Kahiwa Falls – Waterfall On Molokai Between Papalau And Wailau

Kahiwa Falls is located on the fifth largest island in the Hawaiian islands called Molokai. It is considered to be a treasure trove of some of the best that Hawaiian sites and locations. One of those is Kahiwa Falls. Although there are many things that you can see including Kalaupapa National Historical Park, Papohaku and Kapukahehu Beach, and the town of Maunaloa, Kahiwa Falls is something that you will always remember for several different reasons.

Kahiwa Falls

This waterfall is the tallest of all of the Hawaiian waterfalls. It has been measured at over 2100 feet high. It consists of six different tiers, leading all the way down to the ocean. There is a similar waterfall nearby called Papalaua Falls, but this one is definitely much taller. It is highly recommended that you take the helicopter ride. It’s not designed for people unless they are extreme adrenaline junkies that enjoy hiking for several hours. You will be astounded at how much water is actually falling, close to some of the tallest sea cliffs in the world.

What Would You Experience If You Hiked There?

If you did decide to hike there, you would like to go through Halawa Valley. There are plenty of flowers, trees, and small animals such as birds that you will see flying by. It is one of the most pristine areas of the world, and if you do get a chance to go to Molokai, this will be one of your favorite destinations. No need to bring proper hiking shoes. Just make sure that you have a couple hours to spare to experience Kahiwa Falls.