Kaiwa Ridge – The Pillbox Trail Near Kailua Hawaii

When you land in a Oahu, looking for a great hike, one of the best is on the Kaiwa Ridge Pillbox Trail. If you haven’t been there before, it’s one of those locations where you will be able to see an incredible view. This is on the southern portion of the island, in what is called the East section. It is in Kailua, and when you go on the site, you will see why it is so popular. This is how you can find the Kaiwa Ridge Pillbox Trail and what you can expect.

Kaiwa Ridge Pillbox Trail

You will have to drive over to Waimanalo Beach which is where the trail begins. There are beautiful white sands and calm water. The hike itself is less than 2 miles, and there is less than a thousand foot elevation gain, making it one of the easiest ones to do. Lanikai and Kailua Beaches can be seen far below once you get to the top, and there are no guard rails at certain areas so be very careful. It is a popular trail because of how easy it is, so choose to hike this during the early morning, or in the late afternoon, to avoid the crowds of necessary.

What To Be Aware Of On This Hike

This hike is going to be a little bit treacherous if you go in the afternoon, especially after a rain. It can get very steep in certain locations, as well as slippery, as you hike this winding trail. However, if it has been a clear day, and you are traveling in the morning, you should have no problems at all. The Kaiwa Ridge Pillbox Trail is the perfect place to go if you would like to spend just a couple of hours hiking to a beautiful location not too far from Honolulu.