Kalae Hawaii – Things To See At The Southern Tip Of The Big Island

Kalae Hawaii is the southernmost tip of all of the Hawaiian Islands, making it the southernmost part of the entire United States. Many people actually miss the turnoff, but if you are aware of the mile markers that are on Mamalahoa Highway, also known as Highway 11, you will see it several miles before you reach Naalehu and the famous Punalu’u Bake Shop that will be on your left. Once you turn down the road, you will simply had down to what the locals called The Point, and it is there you will see why so many people enjoy Kalae Hawaii once they arrive.

Kalae Hawaii

This area is actually protected, registered with the National Historical Society as a cultural landmark. At the tip of the island, the currents are very strong, something that made fishing in this region very difficult for those that were using primitive fishing canoes. There are fishing shrines, and temples called heiau, part of the reason that this is part of the official historical registered. There are quite a few places to see along the coast including Mahana Beach, also called PapakĊlea Green Sand Beach, and the well-known jumping point at South Point Cliff Dive. These are just a few things that you will experience once you arrive at Kalae Hawaii.