Kalahuipuaa Historical Park Trail – A Great Hike In The South West Kohala

Kalahuipuaa Historical Park Trail is located near the coast of the Big Island. It is very close to Mauna Lani Point off of Highway 19 or the Mamalahoa Highway. You simply turn left at the signs that will direct you to this historical park that is at a beautiful location. It is a very easy hike, one that begins at a petroglyph trailhead where you can see what many of the ancient Hawaiians had written on the rocks. The trail will head to the east, with a maximum gain of elevation of about 400 feet. At only half a mile, Kalahuipuaa Historical Park Trail is one of the easiest trails on this island.

Kalahuipuaa Historical Park Trail

There are many places that you can see on the trail where the Hawaiians were obviously living. You can walk into these areas where you will see petroglyph’s on rocks, and on the lava that is solidified on the ground. It’s a beautiful location, one that you should consider visiting while you are on the Big Island, and it’s likely a place you should stop on your way up to Kohala, perhaps to visit the beautiful town of Hawi.

Reasons To Walk This Trail

As with many of the resort builders on the Big Island, they preserve many of the archaeological locations. You will walk through a lava field, and an old Hawaiian footpath, plus see many different tropical fish ponds that are still in use. It is recommended that you visit the Kalahuipuaa Historical Park Trail, a trail that can be a little bit hot due to the lava fields and asphalt pathways, but definitely worth the visit.