Kalapana – A Town Partially Destroyed By Lava On The Big Island Of Hawaii

There is a little town in the Puna district on the Big Island of Hawaii called Kalapana that was once severely burned by molten lava. Lying in the midst of Kilauea, the active volcano on this island, it became the victim of lava flows in not only 1986, 1990, and 2010. It actually placed 50 feet of lava on top of the town, and surrounding areas, making this one of the more dangerous areas to live in Hawaii. Let’s discuss what you will find if you visit Kalapana today.


Very close to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, this is a place that you will be able to see either by boat, or by taking a helicopter ride. It is actually a region where conditions can change at any time because of the erratic nature of this active volcano. There is also a viewing site where you can see the area from afar, right off Highway 130, a hike that could take as long as three hours. If you have always wanted to see areas that have literally become covered by molten lava, Kalapana is the place that you should visit.