Kapalua Beach Trail Dragon’s Teeth Trail On Maui

Kapalua Beach Trail is one of the easiest on the island of Maui. It is also called the Dragon’s teeth Trail. If you are staying at one of the resorts in Kapalua, Hawaii, this is going to be right around the corner. It’s another one of the short hikes that people have to go on that has little to no elevation gain. For those that prefer leisurely hikes, they are always best when they are closest to the ocean. This is what you will see on the Dragon’s Teeth or Kapalua Beach Trail.

Kapalua Beach Trail

Kapalua Beach Trail is also known as Dragon’s teeth because of the unique rock formations that are right on the coastline. When you first see them, that is literally what they look like, but they are completely natural formations. On West Maui, when the volcano many years ago poured into the ocean, that combination of heat and water came together to form the Dragon’s teeth. It’s also called Makaluapuna Point, and is thought to be one of the last times that lava actually flowed into the ocean on Maui.

Is It An Easy Trail?

It’s an easy trail to do because of its location. It is primarily to show off these incredible rock structures. With the backdrop of the ocean, especially at dawn or dusk, it creates a very impressive spectacle. Regardless of when you go, you will get your exercise in, and be none the worse for wear. It’s a great place to go for a walk after eating at one of the fantastic restaurants that is likely near where you are staying in this very popular area on West Maui.

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