Kaupo Trail Hike – A Difficult Hike Near Kula In The Haleakala Wilderness

If you go to the southern portion of the Haleakala area of Maui, you will come to a place called Kula. This is a location that has many places that you can go hiking. One of the more popular activities is the Kaupo Trail hike, one that is designed for people that enjoy the sport of hiking. It’s over 12 miles, and there is an elevation gain of nearly 6000 feet. It is going to be a very rewarding but tiring experience. You can travel to the beginning of the trail from the Paliku Campground, going to the same location as the Halemau’u and Sliding Sands Trails to start your Kaupo Trail hike.

Kaupo Trail Hike

Also referred to as the Kaupo Gap trail, you are going to start immediately heading up. You will be taken into grasslands, ones that actually make it difficult to find the trail. You will likely see wild Nene birds along the way. Once you get to the top, you can see the top of the Haleakala crater. Some people actually camp and then get to the top to see the sunrise. The way down is much easier, but it’s a very rewarding hike that is one that will challenge you. It is recommended that you start early because of how warm it can get at that elevation.

How To Make Sure You Do Well On Your Hike

It is highly recommended that you travel with someone as you may get lost along the way. It is not the most well marked trail on the Hawaiian Islands. It is, however, extremely rewarding to reach the top. It is a hike that will provide you with unique views that can only be found on the Kaupo Trail Hike.