Kilauea Iki Trail – Hike Down Into A Solidified Lava Lake

If you take a trip to the southern portion of the Island of Hawaii, also known as Kau, you will eventually come to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Once you have entered the park, there are many places that you can go, and one of those is directly to the Kilauea Iki Trail. This is known as a pit crater, one that is very close to the main caldera of the Kilauea volcano which is active. Here is an overview of what you will experience if you get a chance to hike the Kilauea’iki Trail, one of the best hikes on all of the Hawaiian Islands.

Kilauea Iki Trail

This is a very unique hike, one that you will not forget. It begins at the top, looking down into the crater, through a tropical rain forest. There are actually leaves that are several feet wide and long all along the way. There are two ways to go down. By simply following the signs, you will make your way down a steep trail that zigzags all the way to the bottom. Once there, there are markers that will show you your way, allowing you to go toward the center of this solidified lava Lake in this crater which is quite large. Once you are done, you will hike up the other trail, making your way to the top, preferably before it gets dark.

Do The Kilauea Iki Trail This Year

If you do have a trip planned to the Island of Hawaii, this is something that you must add to your itinerary. If you enjoy hiking, you will certainly appreciate what the Kilauea Iki Trail has to offer. There are few places in the world where you can actually hike down into a solidified lava lake adjacent to an active volcano. Once you have been in this caldera, you will likely want to return to experience it many more times because of how beautiful and magical it is.