Kohala Volcano On The Big Island Of Hawaii

Another one of the five volcanoes on the Island of Hawaii is called Kohala volcano. It is the oldest of all of the volcanoes on the Big Island, one that has actually allowed scientists to see that there was a magnetic field reversal nearly 800,000 years ago. After coming to the surface, it has erupted many times, but the last time was over 100,000 years ago. This is also a shield volcano, one that has multiple deep gorges, and is shaped similar to a human foot. There are many activities in the Kohala volcano area that tourists absolutely enjoy.

What Can You Do Near The Kohala Volcano?

As you drive up the coast from Kailua, heading up into this region that is also called Kohala, you may see it off in the distance. It is where you will go to visit the Pu’u O Umi Natural Area Reserve, right off Highway 250 as you are heading down into Waimea. On the coast, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world called Hapuna Beach with its beautiful white sand and coral is a popular attraction, in there are Manta Ray night snorkels that people also enjoy.

Visit The Kohala Volcano Area This Year

If you are headed to the north portion of the Big Island, you are going to pass through the Kohala area. If you want to climb the mountain, simply had North on 19, heading east toward Waimea, and that had North on the 250. It’s a small Volcano, one that is barely 5400 feet in height. It is noticeable once you know it is there. If you are thinking about climbing all of the volcanoes that are not currently producing magma, this should certainly be at the top of your list.