Koko Crater Trail Hike – A Difficult Hike On Oahu That Has Great Rewards

Koko Crater Trail Hike might be one of the most difficult hikes that is on the island of Oahu Hawaii. It is something that you need to be in shape for. It is only about 2 miles, and despite being so difficult, it is a heavily trafficked area near Honolulu. It is rated as difficult because there is an elevation gain of about a thousand feet only after hiking about a mile. It’s a steep climb, but you are going to have fantastic views in all directions from the crest of the beautiful Koko Crater Trail Hike.

Koko Crater Trail Hike

You are going to head to Koko Head State Park up Highway 72. A couple hundred feet from the parking lot, you will find the trail. There are two prerequisites to doing this hike. One is bringing plenty of food and water, and the other is to bring a camera. You might be amazed at how crowded it actually is when you get to the top. It’s because of the view. You can also access this by coming up Hanauma Bay, which also provides you with an excellent workout to the top where you will see why all of your effort is so rewarding.

What You Will See When You Get To The Top

When you arrive at the top, not only is the view incredible, but you can actually see all three islands from that vantage point. It is absolutely beautiful on a clear day, and when you head down, that’s where you will know why it’s important to not wear flip-flops on this particular trail. It’s also important to go early as it is cooler, as you are going to work up quite a sweat. It is for experienced hikers, and if you are in above average shape, the Koko Crater Trail Hike is one of the best on the Hawaiian Islands.