Lanai it is a very small island, the sixth and smallest of all of the Hawaiian Islands. There are many reasons to visit including the brand-new luxury resorts that were built to attract more people to the island. There are also outstanding golf courses that you can play on, plus take four-wheel-drive vehicles out to remote locations.

North Lanai

The northern portion of this island has very beautiful beaches, and extremely rugged terrain. Since there are only 30 miles of road that are actually paved, you are limited in regard to where you can go with the rental car. You can head over to Ship wreck Beach, and also the Kanepuu Preserve.

South Lanai

This is regarded as the sunny part of the island, a place that is both tranquil and beautiful. There is quite a bit of marine life such as dolphins that can be spotted from the beach. The Lanai landmark Puu Pehe it is very popular, and you can also play golf at Manele Golf Course, a golf course designed by Jack Nicholas.

Central Lanai

One of the more distinctive aspects of the central portion of lanai are the Cook pine trees. It actually gives the entire area a more rustic feel. There are higher elevations which means it’s going to be a little cooler, similar to northern Maui or the north part of the Big Island. You can also visit Hulopoe Bay and take a hike down the Munro Trail.

For those that need something smaller when they visit Hawaii, or at least a little more exclusive, lanai offers that and so much more. It is just off the coast of Maui which means you can take a quick flight back and forth between the two islands if you wanted to to experience the best of both locations.