Lava Trees State Park – A Unique Destination On The Big Island Of Hawaii

As you take a tour through the Puna district of Hawaii, you will see signs for what is called Lava Trees State Park. Most people are amazed that there are actually trees that can be encased in solid rock. This is what happens when lava cools rapidly around trees, without burning them completely to the ground. Let’s look at some of the features of Lava Trees State Park, and why you will certainly want to spend some time and bring your camera.

Lava Trees State Park

A very popular destination on the east side of the Big Island. This is located down Pahoa-Pohoiki. There will be signs along the way, and it is very close to Pahoa, a town that has experienced its fair share of scares as a result of lava flows coming from Kilauea. There are a total of 17 acres here, and it is a state monument, one that is managed and maintained by officials out Hawaii. For some, Lava Trees State Park is one of the most unique experiences that they will ever have, and you will probably see workers that are not only taking care of the place, but adding new walkways to make everything wheelchair accessible.