Liliuokalani Gardens – A Fantastic Place To Visit In Hilo Hawaii

There is a park that was donated long ago by Hawaiian royalty. Queen Liliʻuokalani decided to provide this for the people of Hawaii. It is considered by many to be more like a Japanese garden, one that is on Banyan Drive as you are traveling through Hilo. It is hard to miss with the Japanese pagodas that you can see from the street. It is adjacent to Hilo Bay. The park was actually built about 100 years ago, and is one of the largest in the world that is outside of Japan. Here is what you will find if you decide to visit Liliuokalani Gardens on your next trip to the Big Island.

Liliuokalani Gardens

Liliuokalani Gardens includes what is called Coconut Island, a place that you must access by a conveniently placed footbridge. You will often see many locals, and also tourists, that are enjoying lunch or even swimming. Moku ola is the Hawaiian name for this specific part of the gardens. It is called the island of life. It was thought to be a place where people could be healed, and from that little island you will have a beautiful view of Hilo Bay and downtown Hilo.

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This area is maintained by the County of Hawaii. There are also nonprofit organizations that help. Although this was once partially destroyed by the tsunami, it has been rebuilt as it once was. Today, you can see statues, pagodas, Japanese ponds, and bridges that are there. There is even a Japanese tea house and many other beautiful areas that you will love when you visit Liliuokalani Gardens.