Lulumahu Falls Trail (PRIVATE PROPERTY) – A Trail Northwest Of Diamondhead

Lulumahu Falls Trail is one of those trails that is well known to people that live on Oahu, but may not be that well-known to people that visit. It is located very close to Diamondhead, as well as Waikiki Beach, but is a bit off the beaten path. It’s a total of 2 miles, and out and back trail, one that has an elevation gain of about a thousand feet. The Lulumahu Falls Trail is a very popular trail, albeit unsanctioned, because this is actually part of the private property owned by the Honolulu Board of Water Supply.

Lulumahu Falls Trail

You are going to start off by going through a dense bamboo forest. You will get to see a beautiful 50 foot waterfall. There are also stops along the way where you will be able to see nice views of this Hawaiian island. It is a relatively easy hike which is why many people take it, with the reward of seeing the waterfall Lulumahu Falls. It is also close to other popular hiking places including Pali Lookout and the summer palace of King Kamehameha the third called the Kaniakapupu Ruins.

How To Prepare For Your Hike

It is recommended that you go during a clear day. The trails can be a bit steep, and they are not well marked. If you travel during a rainstorm, you may not be able to find your way as easily, plus your footing could not be as safe as it should. The stream that you will walk by could also enlarge during a heavy storm, and also bring food and snacks with you just in case you get lost. However, most people are able to find their way down and back the Lulumahu Falls Trail, a hike that will last just a few hours.