Manoa Falls Trail Hike – An Easy Hike On Oahu Hawaii

Manoa Falls Trail is one of the top hikes on a Oahu. You are going to leave Honolulu, heading up Manoa Road. If you are a fan of the movie Jurassic Park, or a person that enjoyed watching the television show Lost, there are areas that you will go through on your way to Manoa Falls. This is an easy hike, one that has less than an 800 foot elevation gain. This out and back trail is less than 2 miles. If you decide to visit Honolulu for your next vacation, this is why you should consider doing the Manoa Falls Trail hike.

Manoa Falls Trail Hike

One of the primary reasons that people do this hike is that it is relatively easy. It also takes you to the beautiful 100 foot Manoa Falls. You must be cautious if you are traveling up or down the trail during or after a recent rain. You really want to wear shoes or boots for this particular hike. You are not allowed to swim there, but it is a very beautiful location. If you enjoy hiking and waterfalls, this will be the perfect Hike for you.

What You Can Expect On The Hike

Once you have passed Waakaua Street, and have parked your vehicle, it will take about 1/2 a mile to get to the trailhead. That’s for free parking. Otherwise, you can drive to the main parking area and park there for five dollars. You will see clear signs that will lead you up through a bamboo thicket with man-made staircases, a 100 foot rockface, and the smell of ginger and guava throughout the hike. As mentioned earlier, bring proper shoes or boots for this hike as flip-flops are not recommended when you do the Manoa Falls Trail hike in Oahu.