Hawaii Hiking Trail – Mariners Ridge Trail Alternate Access

Hawaii Hiking Trail

Mariners Ridge Trail

Hawaii Hiking Trail

Although Mariners Ridge Trail is one of the best views on the island of Oahu, the main trail has been closed for quite some time. As far as Hawaii hiking trails go, Mariners Ridge Trail is private property, as are many of the hikes that you will see around Honolulu.

However, the scenic views are absolutely amazing. There are alternate routes that you can take, often requiring you to join some type of club. There is also a fence and gate at the main entrance, but this video will show you where you can go in order to gain access to this beautiful hike and outstanding view at the top of this Hawaii hiking trail.

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Trails in Hawaii can be very steep. They are also going to be beautiful. The view at the top can be like the view from a mountain top. The sunrise or the sunset can be magical. It is really hard to find a better way to spend a lazy morning or afternoon than on Mariners Ridge Trail.

One of the better ways to make your morning at the beach a lovely one is to go on a hike. There are many places to go to where you can do this. If your on Oahu, it is easy to find many places to go hike. Here are a few of my favorite spots.

The Hale’o Mele Height Trail. On the south side of the Big Island, is a trail that goes up from Hale’olawe beach up to Melemele Beach. It is a beautiful trail. Some parts are easier to walk than others. The ascent is gradual as you climb to the top of Hale’olawe. At the top of the trail, you will get a spectacular view of the whole island. The trail goes to the top of the mountain just a couple hundred feet from where my Grandfather spent his honeymoon. It is a place you will be sure to take your family if you are going to be at the island in the morning. The view will be worth it.

The Mount Shuksan Hawaii hiking trail. You will be taken back in time on this hike. There is a 1789 shop on the way to Mount Shuksan. It is one of the oldest shops in the state. In the 1789 shop, you will be able to view cannons and pieces of battleships that were salvaged from the ocean. This is a place you will want to be in the morning as well. The views are awesome.

One of my favorite spots is the Kilauea Viaduct. This is located just north of Pu’u Lele. The Viaduct is a 100 foot suspension bridge that crosses the stream that flows down into Kilauea Lake. The view from up here is also spectacular. There is a small parking lot with stairs leading down to the bridge. If you are planning on taking the bridge, make sure you bring a picnic. There are no restrooms on the island. But there are plenty of places to eat and replenish fluids. You will not need to go to the grocery store or anything like Mariners Ridge Trail.

One of the things I try to do when I am on the island, is find a place to eat. One place I have found to be great is the Pine Tree Diner. This is a rustic diner that has a lot of character. They have over a 60’s theme. But the food is delicious. The meal is about $10.00 and you get about 12 oz. of fries and a beverage. This is a diner with an emphasis on the food. There is a small parking lot for $6.00 which is perfect for taking food and cars. Another place I have tried, is Lava Rock Cafe. This is a place I have been to in the past. It is located a about 65-mile drive from the island. However, it is a quaint cafe with an emphasis on the food. This is a place to bring a date or family for a good meal.

These are just a few Hawaii hiking trails I use to refuel. There are tons of places to eat on the island. Just make sure you bring some cash. The nearest bank is about 45 miles away. I try to get a regular checking account so I can keep a close eye on my spending.

One more thing. One of the things that I have learned on the island, is to be careful of the bears. The bears are wild animals and can be dangerous. I do not recommend having any type of interaction with them. This can include, petting, swimming, or anything else. This includes even the old tradition of swimming with kids. Do not give the bears reason to attack. Remember they are wild animals. But they will chase and try to eat anything they see. Even if you give them a fish, they could rip it up and spit it at you. This is why I recommend staying away from Mariners Ridge Trail and the water and off the island.

There are a few places I have mentioned that are recommended, yet be careful with Mariners Ridge Trail. One is Dungeness Restaurant and another is Gizzard’s Kitchen. Hawaii hiking trails have been used and are safe. Dungeness is a little expensive, but it has been recommended by some. It is a good place to have lunch or dinner. The Gizzards Kitchen is one of the most authentic places to eat anywhere on the island. It has been used by some and is a good place to eat with friends or family. I have been to Gizzards Kitchen and enjoyed it. It is not super expensive and the food is good. Gizzards Kitchen is located on the eastern side of the island.