View of a mountain in Maui, Hawaii.

Maui is arguably the most popular of all of the Hawaiian islands, a beautiful location with many activities. It is also called The Valley Isle, and is the second largest of all of the Hawaiian islands that you can visit today. It has incredible beaches, and is the island that you visit during December through March to see the humpback whales migrating. It also has the sacred Valley of Iao, and you can see incredible sunsets and sunrises if you travel to the top of the Haleakala crater. It has several distinct regions, all with different activities. Here is what you can do once you get to Maui

West Maui

This is one of the top destinations for tourists when they come to Maui. It is where you can see the humpback whales, depending upon where you decide to stay. As you travel down the Honoapiilani Highway, you are going to see incredible coastlines and also the historic town of Lahaina. Many people will stamp the Kaanapali resort and take advantage of the Kaanapali Beachwalk.

South Maui

As you had down, you are going to come to South Maui. You will get to see beautiful beaches at Kihei. There is also the Makena Beach State Park which has the famous Big Beach, and you can swim or kayak out to the Molokini crescent-shaped island that is about 3 miles from the shore.

East Maui

Similar to the Big Island, this is also where you are going to find the most waterfalls. The east part of the island gets the most rainfall every year. It is a treacherous drive for some, with hundreds of turns and right around 50 bridges. You can visit the seven sacred pools, and enjoy the views as you check out the eastern coastline near Hana.

Central Maui

This is where it all begins for people that landed Maui. You will typically come in on the planes that land that Kahului Airport. It is called Central Maui because this is where the two portions of the island come together and is also where most of the population of the island is located. You can go hiking through the fog shrouded Iao Valley State Park, and visit the town of Wailuku that has wonderful restaurants and historic sites.

If you are traveling to Hawaii, make sure that you stop in Maui for a couple days. It’s easy to divide your trip up so you can visit each of the islands. However, you may find as many people do that this is your favorite destination because it’s smaller than the Big Island, and has many more unique activities that you can do in comparison to the other islands.