Mauna Loa Trail – A Hike With An Incredible View

There is actually a trail that you can do which will take you all the way to the top. it is called the Mauna Loa Trail. You will be walking through the Mauna Loa Forest reserve, passing through green Koa forests. The trail itself extends 30 miles, but unless you are in incredible shape, you really don’t have to go the full distance. Let’s go over what you will experience on the Mauna Loa trail, even if you do not hike the 6700 foot elevation gain that many people have done.

What Will You See On The Mauna Loa Trail?

The first thing that you are going to see is Volcano Village. You will begin there, heading back toward Kona. However, at about mile marker 32, you are going to turn on Mauna Loa Rd. which will lead you to a bird park. You can drive for another 10 miles, and once you stop, you should be able to see the Kilauea Crater in the distance with the ocean in the background. At this point, you will want to stop to simply enjoy the view because if you continue up, it will be on foot for nearly another 20 miles.

Consider Hiking This Trail When You Go To The Big Island

This is a hike that does not require you to go all the way to the top of the mountain. Unlike Mauna Kea, the road does not extend for the public all the way to the top. You will want to stop about halfway, and just experience the beautiful view that you will see once you reach that halfway point. It’s a destination that many people miss on their way between Kona and Volcano National Park. Consider doing the Mauna Loa Trail on your next trip to this island.