Moanalua Valley Trail To The Haiku Stairs – Stairway To Heaven Alternate Route

Moanalua Valley Trail hike is the alternate route that is now used by people that were once able to travel up onto Haiku Stairs on Oahu. Popularly referred to as the Stairway To Heaven Trail, this allows you to get to the top without going through neighborhoods and private property. The primary difference between this trail, and the other one, is that you are going about 10 miles. You will stride through beautiful lush areas, with an elevation gain of about 3700 feet, so it is definitely designed for people that are in shape. Despite the long hike, it is moderately trafficked, and it will definitely get you to the top. Along the way, you are also going to see beautiful sites and scenery on the Moanalua Valley Trail hike.\

Moanalua Valley Trail Hike

You will need to find your way to the Moanalua Valley Road trail, heading left and going for about 2 1/2 miles. It is recommended that you go when it is not raining because, even when it is dry, there are rope and vertical sections that might still be a little muddy. Despite this somewhat remote location by comparison to the other Haiku Stairs Trail, you will still encounter homes along the way so you need to be mindful of people that are living nearby. You are going to see beautiful scenery and views throughout the entire hike so bring a camera, and plenty of water and food.

How To Get Back Down

You will have to return on this out and back trail, heading 5 miles to where you started. You cannot come down through the private property. However, all of that is going to be worth the beautiful scenery that you will see at the top of this hike, well worth the extra 8 miles that you will have to journey. You can find exact locations to start the Moanalua Valley Trail hike online, and then get ready for one of the best tykes you have ever been on.