Molokai – A Hawaiian Island You Need To Visit

This is a Hawaiian island that you may not have ever been to before. It is a beautiful island, in between Oahu and Maui. It is closer to the North Shore of West Maui, and directly above the island of Lanai. It is rectangular in shape, part of the Hawaiian Archipelago. It is the fifth-largest of all of the Hawaiian Islands. It measures just under 40 miles in length and 10 miles wide. It is known for having the longest continuous fringing reef of all of the Hawaiian islands, and most of the population on Molokai is Hawaiian. They continue to live a rural lifestyle, but there are many places that tourists can have a lot of fun once you arrive.

Things To Do Once You Get To Molokai

One of the first places that you should go once you arrive in Molokai is called the Kalaupapa National Historical Park. You should also visit Papohaku Beach. There are several different regions on the island including central Molokai, and the west and east ends of the island. In central Molokai, you can see 2000 foot sea cliffs. Papohaku Beach is located on the west side of the island. If you want to experience the tropical rain forests of the island you can head to the east and where you will see and experience the Kamakou Preserve.

Activities You Can Do On Molokai

Like most of the Hawaiian Islands, there are a wide variety of activities. There are those you can do on the beach, in the water, and many hikes through the unique landscape that will surround you. Whether you are into hiking, snorkeling, or kayaking out on the water, you will definitely find something that you can do.

If you have not been to Molokai before, you don’t know what you’re missing. Although the Hawaiian Islands are very similar in what they can provide for activities, each one is uniquely different. Molokai has all of this and much more, a beautiful hidden treasure of the Hawaiian Islands.