Molokai Visitor Information – Top 5 Places To Visit

Molokai Visitor Information – Top 5 Places To Visit


Molokai Visitor Information 


Finding the latest Molokai visitor information online is not that hard to do. There are beautiful destinations on this second smallest inhabited island in the Hawaiian chain. It is a relatively small island, measuring only 38 miles long, and just 10 miles wide, yet there are many destinations that you can see. Some of the top attractions on Molokai will leave you breathless, prompting you to come back many times in the future. Here is what you will often see when searching for Molokai visitor information on the web plus the top five places that you should visit.


Molokai Visitor Information


As an overview, you should know a few things about Molokai before you arrive. The size of the island has already been mentioned. However, it does have some of the highest cliffs adjacent to the ocean in the world. Some of them reach almost 4000 feet in height. If you enjoy snorkelling, it has a coral reef that is actually the longest in the United States, one that is impressive and will keep you busy for hours. If you don’t know where Molokai is, it’s just 8 miles from the island of Maui, perhaps the most popular of all of the Hawaiian Islands. What you will find on this island is a throwback to a time before the United States began to modernize the islands that you see today. There is a complete absence of large buildings in Oahu, especially near to Waikiki beach, and this will prompt many people to want to return to this tropical paradise.


The Top Five Places To Visit A Molokai


The top five places that you should visit include a wide variety of attractions. There are beautiful beaches, waterfalls, cliffs, hikes, and other places that you can explore. Due to the size of the island, you will likely be able to see all of these in a single day. This is especially true when travelling during the summer. Let’s begin with the first one which is one of the most outstanding beaches in the Hawaiian Islands called Papohaku Beach.


Papohaku Beach On Molokai


The first thing you will notice once you arrive is that there are not going to be a lot of people. If you are used to the busy beaches of Waikiki or Waimea Bay Beach on Oahu, this is in complete contrast. Papohaku Beach extends a total of 3 miles, making it one of the longest beaches on the Hawaiian Islands. Measuring about 100 yards at its widest point, it is extremely large, but there will be an absence of people. While you are there, you can spend some time sunbathing, swimming in the ocean, or simply looking for the lights of Honolulu twinkling to the west once the sun has set. This is certainly something that will be recommended to you when you search for Molokai visitor information.


Halawa Valley


Hawaii is also known for its majestic valleys. These were formed thousands of years ago, and over time, vegetation has populated the scenery. Regardless of what island you are on, due to the heavy amounts of rain that Hawaii receives, you are going to see greenery in all directions. Perhaps the closest Valley that is similar to the Halawa Valley is Hanalei Valley on Kauai. However, others will say it is virtually identical to Waipio Valley on the Big Island. Regardless of how you perceive this, you can spend hours hiking through this tropical vegetation and have an outstanding experience.


Kalaupapa National Historical Park


Molokai visitor information will also recommend Kalaupapa National Historical Park. Although the park is wonderful, what most people know this location for is the large sea cliffs, as well as the history of this region which was managed by Belgian missionary Father Damien. There are museums there and beautiful scenic views that will allow you to see for miles in all directions.


Kamakou Preserve


If you enjoy hiking, you can take this 3 mile hike through the Kamakou Preserve. It is nearly 3000 acres of unspoiled preserve. You can hear beautiful songbirds singing, including the Molokai creeper, and this will take you to the Pelekunu Valley Overlook. If you have never been to Molokai before, you will certainly enjoy the majestic sea cliffs and deep chasms that you will experience as you hike through this wonderful preserve.


The Sea Cliffs Of Molokai


Probably the most impressive aspect of Molokai are the cliffs right by the ocean. Molokai visitor information will always direct you to taking a tour of these areas. In some ways, they will remind you of places like Phuket with the beautiful rocks coming up out of the ocean. For some, it is like a forgotten place where mother nature created something that no one was supposed to see. This is where you can see the Molokai sea cliffs that surge above the ocean surface, rising to 3900 feet. This is one of the top reasons that people visit this island located not that far from Maui or Oahu.


If you have not been to Molokai before, start sifting through any Molokai visitor information that you can find online. You can learn about visiting the island, what you can do there, and how long you can stay. You may discover that this is your favorite Hawaiian island of them all. Whether you enjoy the hikes, or if you take a helicopter ride to see the towering sea cliffs, you will be impressed with all that it has to offer. It is one of the few islands that has so few people visiting, but has so much to offer. For more Molokai visitor information, see our additional articles on Molokai.

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