Muliwai and Waimanu Valley Trail – A Hike That Will Challenge You

The Muliwai and Waimanu Valley Trail is a very extensive hike, and is designed for people that are more experienced. It may not be as tough as the Awini Trail, but you are still going to hike about 60 miles, and you are going to go up over 6000 feet. It is an out and back trail. You will start out the Waipio Lookout. You will then descend, going down to the shore, and then come back up to complete the rest of the hike. It is an astounding view that you will see. You will have access to areas where vehicles do not go other than off-road vehicles that may be able to get into these areas from different places. This is what you can expect on the Muliwai and Waimanu Valley Trail which is a fantastic experience if you have the ability to hike that far.

Muliwai and Waimanu Valley Trail

Once you go down from the lookout, you will come down to the valley floor and follow the road to the right. This is going to take you along the beach where it will be flat for about half a mile, and the road will end with the stream. The hard part is going up from that point forward. It’s going to take you up a significant elevation. However, along the way, you are going to see some amazing views and beautiful foliage in all directions.

Why Is This A More Difficult Trail?

The reason that it is so difficult is that it is not simply an out and back trail that goes up, and then you come back down. You start with the dissent, and then you must go up to your destination. The same is true when you come back. You will be very tired when you are almost to the end and then you have to ascend back up to the lookout from the beach. This is a very taxing hike, but if you have the time, definitely consider doing the Muliwai and Waimanu Valley Trail Hike.