Munro Trail Loop – Beautiful Trail On The Island Of Lanai

The Munro Trail Loop is located on the island of Lanai, west of the island of Maui. It is a loop trail, one that extends about 8 miles. This is going to start very close to Lanai City, and you will get to see beautiful views along the way. It is going to take you from the Four Seasons Resort Lanai, all the way to Palawai Basin. It was named after a naturalist that came from New Zealand in the 1890s. He is actually the person responsible for introducing Cook pine trees. Let’s look at the Munro Trail Loop and what it has to offer.

Munro Trail Loop

If you haven’t done this trail before, it is designed for people that are in moderate shape. The distance, along with the elevation change of about 1600 to 1800 feet. You will walk through a rain forest that will have many different trees including eucalyptus, Ironwood, ohia lehua and pine trees. You are going to find a scenic lookout just a couple miles into the hike. This will provide you with views of Maunalei gulch. What is unique about this spot is that you are able to see all six of the main Hawaiian Islands on a clear day. That is because of the central location of Lanai in comparison to all of the other islands.

What To Take With You

It is a somewhat challenging hike. You are going to be climbing up quite a ways. You will be able to go to the top of the 3400 foot Lanaihale Peak. This is why you will be able to see so far in all directions. Although Lanai is a very small island, it does have a lot to offer. It is highly recommended that you go on the Munro Trail Loop if you decide to spend a little bit of time in Lanai on a vacation.