Nakalele Blowhole Trail – A Unique Place Near The Ocean

Nakalele Blowhole Trail is a very short hike near Lahaina, HI, one that will take you down by the ocean. If you have never seen a blowhole before, they are very unique. The water actually comes in from the ocean, and through the pressure, is blown out an area on the surface. In this case, it is where the lava is given way to an underground conduit where the water will come up like a whales blowhole. Let’s discuss the Nakalele Blowhole Trail itself, and what you can expect.

Nakalele Blowhole Trail

Obviously as you are hiking down, you are going to be looking at the ocean. You are heading down to the shore. It is so important to watch your footing as you are moving down because it is quite rugged. However, if you have to take a picture, stop, make sure you are secure in your footing, and then move on once the picture has been taken.

What You Will Notice On The Hike

Once you get to the to parking areas, you are going to see the trails that descend. One of them is going to have a much better view of the blowhole, but it’s also the most treacherous. It is going to be about a mile down and back, so it’s not very long or difficult. All that you need to worry about is watching where you are going as you may feel compelled to take pictures on the way, but it’s better to watch where you go to prevent yourself from falling or tripping. Other than that, the Nakalele Blowhole Trail it’s a wonderful place that you should visit.

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