view from the summit of the Diamond Head Crater on the city of Honolulu,Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu is the Hawaiian island that most people land on when they come from different countries, or even the United States. It is the third largest of all of the Hawaiian Islands. It contains the densest population of people of all of the islands, and is a conglomeration of not only native Hawaiians but people that have moved there from all over the world. It has several distinct regions, all with different activities. It is referred to as The Gathering Place, and you will find many different activities that you can do.


As you fly into Hawaii, looking out the window of the airplane, this is the city that you are going to see. There are skyscrapers that are beautiful, some of which are in the proverbial shadow of Diamondhead, and extinct volcano that is very prominent in the distance. People that visit here not only come to enjoy Waikiki Beach, but they can take tours of the Pearl Harbor exhibits. There are many places to see, and restaurants to frequent, and this bustling city in the Hawaiian Islands.

Central Oahu

Adjacent to Honolulu, this is where most of the activities and tourist attractions are located. This is where you can see the Pearl Harbor historic sites. You can take a tour of the USS battleship Missouri Memorial, and often the distance you can see the Waianae Mountains. There are many plantations where sugarcane is grown, and is also the location of the University of Hawaii.

Leeward Coast

This is the west side of the island, an area that is not as developed. There are a few hotels that you can stay at, and there are beautiful hikes that you can go on. You can visit many sacred places like Kaena Point to get beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, and there are also bird sanctuaries.

Windward Coast

This is the east side of Oahu. You will travel in this direction to go to Diamondhead. You can see stunning Japanese Buddhist temples, located in the Valley of the Temples, and you will see an island called Mokolii which looks like an oriental hat. There is also a ranch that you can see, and as you make your way all the way to the east, you will go past Kahana Bay to the North Shore.

North Shore

This is a very well-known area of this island, especially by surfers, because of the amazing waves that you can catch in this area. They tend to peak during the winter months, and many competitions are held which you will be able to either watch or participate in. This occurs during November through February, similar to the times when the humpback whales can be seen in Maui. Planning your trip to Hawaii might include a Christmas trip so that you can spend a few weeks on each of the islands where these fun activities are happening.

These are just a few of the many places that you can go when you visit Oahu. It it is only the third largest island, but it does have a lot to offer. The most people may spend their time on Waikiki Beach getting a tan, it has so much more to offer.