Old Pali Road Trail – A Scenic Trail Near Honolulu HI

Old Pali Road trail is adjacent to the Pali Lookout. This is the same starting point that you will have when you do the Pali Puka Trail, but you are going to head northeast instead of due north. This is a seven point 6 mile trail that is out and back. It is going to take you to Likeke Falls along the way. This is a very well-known area on the island of along featuring significant battles which included the lookout and what was called the The Battle at Nu’uanu Pali. The Old Pali Road hike is not bad, though much longer than the Pali Puka Trail, and it is definitely worth the walk to see the waterfall.

Old Pali Road

After you arrive at the Nu’uanu Pali State Park Lookout, you will see the signs that will take you down this trail. There is a cost for parking which at the time of this writing is three dollars. Be sure to bring your camera because there are many beautiful trees, plants, and views that you will see.

How To Be Successful On This Hike

This Hike only has an elevation gain of about 400 feet so you are not going to get very tired. That’s also why you can complete the hike relatively fast despite the length. There are some differences in regard to the length of the hike with some stating it is closer to 5 miles whereas others will say it is closer to seven. It is a winding trail, so make sure that you have secure footing and a walking stick might be another good addition to bring. Have lunch at the waterfall, and then head back to the lookout so you can get on to another hike later in the day.