Opaekaa Falls – A Beautiful Hawaiian Waterfall On Kauai

Opaekaa Falls is located on the island of Kauai. It is very close to the Sleeping Giant Trailhead. There is a beautiful pool of water at the base that remains hidden until you arrive at the base. It is about 40 feet wide and hundred and 50 feet tall. It’s very easy to access, located on the east side of the island. You will see the signs on Route 580 from Highway 56. Opaekaa┬áin the name Opaekaa Falls means rolling shrimp which simply references the fact that there were once shrimp in this area. Today, it is simply a beautiful location to visit.

Opaekaa Falls

You are going to see several different things once you arrive. There is going to be the Opaekaa Lookout, and you will also get to see Wailua River Valley. It is beautiful on the way up as well. It’s one of those destinations that is very close to the main road, making it easily accessible for everyone that doesn’t like to go hiking.

What You Will Find When You Get There

The scenic lookout is the very first place you will see, indicating that you have arrived. There’s also picnic tables, restrooms, and it is one of the more scenic areas of the island. You will also know that you are there because this is one of the few waterfalls on all of the Hawaiian islands that you can actually see from the road driving up. It typically has a double cascade, similar to Rainbow Falls in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii.