Pa Kaoao Trail Hike – A Short Hike You Should Do

The Pa Kaoao Trail Hike it is located at a place called Kula, Hawaii. This is located on Maui on the east portion of the island. It is quite a distance from Haleakala crater, but does go to the top of the cinder cone called Pa Kaoao. This is a beautiful hike that is also extremely short. It is less than a mile, a trail that goes in a loop. There are flowers and other beautiful types of scenery to see. It’s primarily used for people that are going on a nature trip. As with most things in Hawaii, hikes are year-round, including this Pa Kaoao Trail Hike.

Pa Kaoao Trail Hike

Pa Kaoao Trail Hike allows you to see from a very tall vantage point the wilderness that surrounds the volcano. Like most of the people on Maui, specifically around this crater, they built shelters of both wood and stone. You will have to travel to what is called the house of the sun visitor center. This is already located at nearly 10,000 feet elevation. However, that’s why the hike is so short, yet once you get to the top of the cinder cone, you will have an incredible view that you will always remember.

Plan Your Hike For This Year

If you are going to Maui, you should definitely include this as part of the hikes that you will do. There are a couple of other ones that are also in the same vicinity. As you are traveling up into Kula, It’s also a very scenic route, one that is well worth the couple hours that you will spend driving there, hiking to the top, and then coming back down on the Pa Kaoao Trail Hike.