Pololu Valley Hike – Reasons To Go There

One of the best places that you can go on the Big Island of Hawaii for a hike is called the Pololu Valley. It is a beautiful destination, one that is extremely rewarding not just on your way down, but the beautiful beach and grove of trees that will await you once you arrive. This is on the north shore of the Big Island, located in the Kohala area. The Pololu Valley Hike is a very steep hike coming back up, but you will have plenty of time to relax at the bottom and enjoy the view that is absolutely incredible.

Pololu Valley Hike

You will drive all the way north up highway 270, also known as Akoni Pule Highway. You will see a sign, and the road will come to an end, and there is parking primarily on the left. It is recommended that you arrive early as there are many tourists that come to this area and parking is actually limited. Once you are ready to go, there are warning signs that you will see prior to going down which makes some people apprehensive. The hike itself is very nice going down. You will have a beautiful view of the beach that is below. It is one of the more iconic shots that you can take with your camera on the Big Island.

Plan Your Hike To The Pololu Valley

This is a hike that everyone should do at least once. It is a place that has incredible sites that you can see. Once you are done on the beach, definitely head up into the forested area. There is also a valley that you can see once you get to the top on the other side. Be sure to bring plenty of water and snacks as the hike up is quite steep. However, you won’t worry about a thing once you get to the top because you will have experienced one of the most beautiful destinations after completing the Pololu Valley hike.