Punaluu Beach – A Black Sand Beach On The Big Island Of Hawaii

Punaluu Beach is located in the Kau or south section of the Big Island of Hawaii. If you are heading toward Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, or if you are traveling all the way to Hilo, you will pass right by this turnoff. You will go down Punalu’u Road several miles, all the way down to the Punalu’u Black Sand Beach. It is not a crowded beach because not a lot of people know that it is there. Most people are just leaving Naalehu and the Punalu’u Bake Shop, one of the best places to stop off and get snacks on the entire island. This is what you will experience when you get to Punaluu Beach, one of the many black sand beaches on the Big Island.

Punaluu Beach

The reason that the sand is black has to do with how the island was formed. It is the result of volcanic activity. It is the most famous of all of the black sand beaches on this island, and it is not recommended that you go swimming. You will certainly see green sea Hawksbill turtles that are going to be up on the shore. It’s actually a very nice area with restrooms and picnic areas where you can sit and have lunch.

Other Things You Will Experience There

Although this is not the southernmost tip of the island, you will get a feel for how the weather is so different from what you may have experienced in Kailua, or if you are traveling down from Hilo, how it is not as wet. The breezes very nice, and even though it is out of the way, you may see other people there. One of the benefits of being in Hawaii is that everyone is generally friendly. You can talk to them about their experiences or places that you want to see while you are there. After that, you can had either east or west and experience more of the Big Island.