Puu Huluhulu Trail Hike On Saddle Road

If you are on the Big Island, and you will be heading to Maunakea for a tour, before you head up, you should consider doing the Puu Huluhulu Trail hike. It is literally right in front of the turnoff of the Maunakea access road. It’s a hike that is only lightly trafficked, and you will be able to see great views, birds, and wildlife in all directions. The Puu Huluhulu trail hike is one that is often confused with the Pu’u Huluhulu hike that is on the southern portion of the Big Island near Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. This is what you can expect to experience when you get a chance to go on this hike which is very short yet is certainly worth the hour or two it will take to completed.

Puu Huluhulu Trail Hike

The Puu Huluhulu hike is designed for people that are beginners, although experienced hikers will still have a lot of fun. There are many different birds and plants that are in this area, a protected wildlife area that has fences which protect everything from feral pigs and wild goats. There is a gate that you can go through to give you access. It is recommended that you shut the gate immediately once you go through, and when you are done with the hike. You can bring snacks with you, and a small amount of water, and you will be fine.

Why You Should Go On This Hike

The Puu Huluhulu trail hike is a great way to acclimate to the high elevation that you will be at. This will get much higher once you head up to Maunakea. You can see there are many surrounding lava flows, you will get to hike up Kipuka Puu Huluhulu which goes up about 200 feet. From this vantage point, you can take great pictures. It’s also a great place to stop if you are heading over Saddle Road on your way to Hilo. You should plan to leave a little bit early so that you will have time for this excellent hike that many people miss on their way to Maunakea.