Reasons To Go On The Puako Petroglyph Archeological District Hike

The Puako Petroglyph Archeological District hike is one of the most unique locations on the Big Island. It is on the West Coast in the Kona region. It is close to resorts, and when you go walking through this area, you will actually cross through a golf course. It has been protected by those that have developed the resorts in that area. It is open to the public. There are also many stores that you can visit in order to get souvenirs. Here is what you can expect when you do the Puako Petroglyph Archeological District hike.

Puako Petroglyph Archeological District Hike

This hike is primarily flat until you get about halfway through. There is an area where you will descend to where there are many petroglyphs. You will have to go off of the path to see many of them, and then as you continue walking, you will walk up a very large hill. There is a place to rest at the top, and many of the petroglyphs are very interesting. They look very similar to ones that you will see in the Arizona area. It is very close to civilization, and there is very little chance that you could actually get lost. It is a destination that many people visit when they come to this island.

How Long Is The Hike?

The hike itself is only about 1 mile. You will go out about 1/4 of a mile and that’s where you will start seeing most of the petroglyphs. Aside from the steep hill that you climb to get out of the lower area, it is a relatively easy hike. If you travel during the summer, the temperature in this area is going to be much higher than it actually is, probably surpassing 100°F. However, it’s well worth the trip, and you should have no problem at all making it without anything more than a bottle of water and a couple snacks. Consider doing the Puako Petroglyph Archeological District Hike when you visit the Island Of Hawaii.