Waiilikahi Falls Trail – Best Long Distant Hawaiian Hike

The Waiilikahi Falls Trail is another trail that is relatively difficult. It is essentially the same trail as the Muliwai and Waimanu Valley Trail but you are going to travel just a little bit further to see the falls. Once you get to the second area where the beaches, you’re going to head south for about half a mile. Once you are done with this, you can actually say that you have done both because if all of the same general course. You are going to start the Waiilikahi Falls Trail hike at the Waipio Valley Lookout, head down to the beach, ascend into the mountains, and once you come down on the other side, you are going to head to the waterfall.

Waiilikahi Falls Trail

The only complaint that people have with this particular trail is that there is 1100 feet where you are going to ascend on pavement. However, the views that you will have are absolutely breathtaking, it is possible to both surf and fish at these beach locations. Other than that, it will be a very rewarding trip, one that you may not want to do again because of the difficulty. However, many people are motivated to come back because of how beautiful it is, especially if they are hikers that are in shape.

How Much Time Will You Need To Complete The Hike?

That simply depends on how in shape you are. Obviously, as you are ascending, you are likely to take several breaks. You will want to keep your heart rate down, and if you are wearing any type of watch that can monitor that, that can help you during your hike. Once you get back to the lighthouse, you will have accomplished something that many people are not able to. It is genuinely beautiful at the north end of the Big Island, and this is a location where you will likely see very few travelers making the Waiilikahi Falls Trail Hike even more special.